WARNING: Some comments and concepts in this post may be offensive to young viewers. Please be aware this is rated PG13 and should be monitored by an adult~ 🙂

lol…as if!


I’m in a new relationship.

I’ve fallen in love.

I’m an (art) polygamist and I don’t care who knows it!

(sister wives got nothin’….)


As most of you are aware that I’ve been in a committed relationship with




for years~

And who can blame me!? When these delicious











and this glorious











all coexistent with this fabulous woman?! (sorry Michael, you’re the bomb as well, I just don’t have any other photos!)









(all apologies to Kathryn; I couldn’t find another image!!!)

But I’ve found



Now wait! Let me explain myself!!!

Last year I was in the eastern states of AU for six weeks. The aforementioned love relationship came along;

providing supplies, encouragement and well, a way quite frankly!

You see, all my enthusiasm and excitement and zeal for inspiring to this amazing waxy way is nothing without supplies for all those falling for it to continue with….

Because as many of you may not be aware, Australia doesn’t carry much encaustic, hasn’t (yet, entirely) gone gung-ho for this medium like we have in the states, and has yet to manufacture their own supply of this waxy deliciousness….

or, shall I say,

had not yet in 2012…

Upon returning to Oz for this long stay I’m currently in, I began an incessant breathing down the neck of anyone and everyone who would listen to my preaching that AU needed to find a way to get this stuff in here

It was time.

Recalling a brief contact I’d made the previous visit, I started there.

Note: When I get a notion in my head and it’s gotten all the way to breathing down someone’s neck about it, it can be very….how can I put this…

annoying?! I do like to drive a point home when I feel there is something that really



needs to happen.

With the distributors flat out ignoring my plea (aka warning!) that they’d better get on it and get encaustic in from the states and get this stuff distributed throughout the country

dang nab it

I’m coming and I’m coming on strong…

when they flat out ignored it

I turned to someone who was listening….

with ear to the ground and eye on the palettes of Oz artists….

that little company I did a super-quick touch base with in 2012 did an amazing thing.

They took a risk and jumped into the boat.




I’d like to think my boat, but this waxy boat nonetheless….

and now we get to ride together…

and I have to confess to art polygamy….

but you know what?! The beauty of art polygamy is that it only makes the big relationship better.

Way way (WAY) better!







I get to work with and inspire to not only my first love, but Aussies first as well.

The two coexist on my studio table and are finding a way to live together.

It’s not a love hate

It’s not a competition

It’s not a one over the other

It’s a combined total equals a better way.


You see, by having more (options)

we see more

and try more

and invest more

and get better.

Enkaustikos draws attention to Langridge and












Langridge draws attention to Enkaustikos

and I make sure to shamelessly draw attention to them all

(oh my! Did I say to them all?! ehem….I meant both; really, just both! 🙂  ahhh…if I throw R&F paint sticks into the mix….ack!)

Yeah, sister wives, I can do polygamy too…

only I can pull it off without breaking any laws~

I love wax.

And by sharing it

and inspiring to it in all its

manifestation, advents and forms

I do what I set out to do;

inspire to its all inclusive

dynamic nature.








It’s the strangest path, but alas, I’ve never asked to be normal….

I have though, asked to be crazy…..

in love.


IMAG3428(evidence of the beautiful relationship)

(framed in another Aussie original: Ebaframes)