(Yes, we got to wear cool hats! 🙂

Oooooh. Chocolate. Dark. Milk. Coco nibbed. Cardomom infused. Oooohh. Chocolate. I feel a limerick in there somewhere! My sister treated me to a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory in Freemont last week. Treat is the operative word here! With my preschool niece’s warm hand tucked into mine, I strategically picked each delectible morsal offered…and then some. For those of you unfamiliar with fare trade, the basic premise is that the product comes from a country that is child labor free and the world base pay is met, rather than a meager wage. Theo is the only chocolate factory in the US that supports both of these and also works the chocolate from bean to bar. A wonderful experience with two of my fav people on the planet 🙂 in love. trish.

(I’m wearing the lelli kelly’s 🙂