Things that need no explanation and perhaps have none, but which say: ‘Here! This way!’ and with final authority.
It is for them that I will be held responsible.
They lead further and further in that direction that has been shown me and to which I am called.

I finished my first week yesterday.

Brisbane and I are over this go-round and today

in a few hours

when the sun rises and the roos wont be quite the road-kill threat

I drive south. 

The giver gets more than the recipient. The recipient acquires something material and limited.
The one who gives, however, acquires for himself a good and pure heart. 
rabbi yosef yozel hurwitz

It was an interesting week.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the women, yes,

they were all women 🙂

spending time with me each day

getting waxy and exploring the depth of our unique creative voice

in the paint.

It’s been a special week.

Reconnecting as well as meeting new

it meant a lot to me, deep down, to get to land here and ‘come what may’~

To be a discoverer you hold close whatever you find, and after a while you decide what it is.
Then, secure in where you have been, you turn to the open sea and let go~
william stafford

It’s also been one of the more challenging.

I return to Australia this go-round with preconceived notions.

I did the same last time.

I have to stop that-

having expectations

beyond my own form and functioning.

It is in these-expectations beyond myself-that I continuously falter…

I am not meant to rely on outside somethingness- 

there is only work from the inside of me, and 

the ‘expected’ of that.


I began to delight in the feeling that I was in partnership with the powers of life; that I had to do with the operations of things created;
that I was doing a work to which I was set by the Highest; that I was at least a floor-sweeper in the house of God, a servant for the good of his world.
george macdonald

It is grace that comes when the discouragement of dashed expectations washes over. 

I can see this much more clearly now. 

Many lessons have been learned in the days and months since last here-

they now are rooted and growing-

this is the grace-evidence.

I may get to,

as I continue to profess,

but I also must

And surprise of surprise, not quite how I thought.

-though it looks the same from the outside, I suspect.

I may not be able to quit the expecting,

but I now have confirmation of their grace.

this is enough sometimes.

and, I get to

get it.

in love.