‘What’s coming next is coming with it’s own heave and grace~

I like change.

No. That’s not quite right.

I don’t like no change.

There. That’s more like it~

In my home, in my reading, in my wardrobe….and in my creative way of creating as well….

When I’ve completed a body of work, a series or idea has flowed through to completion and I feel as if I’ve done all I came to do in it, I don’t paint for awhile. I used to struggle with this; wonder where the onslaught of ideas evaporated to and why the intense flow of the past day, week, month had disappeared.

Or even worse, I’d wonder if that was it;  the final breath of inspiration ever to cross my mind and flow through my finger tips had passed….

But I’ve relaxed a little 🙂

I have realized I can let up on myself; in this area anyway~

I wander off and fill the kitchen with delicious smelling tasties; much to John’s chagrin since all the starving boys have left the building….

Or I plop myself in front of the sewing machine, if I am lucky enough to have access to one in these transitory now-a-days! Letting the needle and hum transition my mind from the creations that just tumbled out to the …..silence?…..bubbling in the never stopping brain….

I like the kitchen best; it’s so satisfying to touch, smell, see and taste a delicious creation after all!

Sewing tests my lack of attention to detail and soon finds me growing tense and anxious…..

There’s also knitting, or doodling; taking photos or throwing clay around. I’ve got book binding bits in the corner of my baggage and when all is lost, there’s always coloring my hair!!!! 🙂

Yet alas my point; the painting ideas always return. Always.

That’s the gift-I attribute it as such anyway-of encaustic. The ideas continue to flow, and continue to flow to wax. Always.

I marvel at how well we’re matched; encaustic and I 🙂 My exploring and experimenting mentality to encaustics no-holds-bar, everything-works-with-me possibilities. We truly are a match made in Heaven~

But there’s always the transition….

From the fast-flowing, idea-spilling collection, through the baking, sewing, photoing or coloring then carrying on back eventually to the waxiness….it’s a rough road; evidenced in this transition state.

You see, the ideas surely begin again; a new product, an article, a delicious color on my morning walk sets off a spark….but it doesn’t make its way straight through to the wax. First it has to go through the trial and error period. You know the one; where you come to the wax, certain you’ve got it again. You start up the palette, pull out your pigments, unwrap a few bords…..

You take the first brave move and put wax to surface, delighting in the deliciousness of it once again….but oh! that first time back is always so awkward!

Sure, you’re both completely familiar with each other, you’ve spent enough time together to know how to interact….but this time you want to push to the next level; move into uncharted territory; and there’s always resistance; from both sides…..

But your ideas wont leave you alone. The inspiration is too strong to let go….so you push on. You begin again; working through familiar to find a new way to work together.

Two attempts-Might as well go for three.

Three attempts-Might as well go for four.

Then something clicks. You’ve reconnected. Your ideas, your hand and the wax coalesce and produce…what?

Your heart.

You see, there is a great transition into every new thing.

If it is to be a success we must ride through the transition and get to where that is; where the heart engages and it is therefore real. Truth, joy, love. This is when it’s right.

And it always surprises me; when this truth reveals; certainly its redolent of the initial spark that brought me back together with this  partner, my wax, but it is never quite what I planned, what I envisioned, as I still popped muffins into the oven or knit and pearled another round…..letting the tickling of the new idea tease me for awhile and beginning to plan my vision of return to wax around it…

It is never what I form in my mind.

It is always what comes from the final working together; in relationship, me and wax.

There is nothing better than getting the relationship right; taking the time to go all the way through the awkward parts; getting to the full truth that reveals with perseverance….there is nothing better.

And that’s why I’m here.

(Now, if I could just have someone tell me where here is, exactly…..!?)

in love.


These are my pushing through bits. Nothing worthy, yet if I’d stopped and let them live, I would’ve seen something in them. Yet really; no heart, no love, no truth. To see what came to be from pushing through the awkward of these, visit my new galleries what am I trying to say and if everyone told their real story on the site www.pbsartist.com/galleries