The furnace kicked on the hum of it just outside the window where I sat warm just enough with blanketed knees and perched book telling me truths for my morning and taking my mind to the place that would surely be the start of the start of this day this cold enough to be winter yet still calendared autumn morning where anything can exist where leaves fall and birds sing altogether where my own two legs strong and warm in their leggings carry me soon to the tasks of a Monday while my mind listens and praises rejoices and dreams all the way all the long stretch to downtown and back again thrilling my mind is thrilling at the sound of the still damp street receiving the tire tread and the sometimes intrusion while not even that an intrusion of music too loud for listening in closed doors pumps past my mind thrills at the clear crisp high sky and the scattering dry leaves and the scurrying grey squirrels and the bundled pulled-in people my mind thrills at the realization of it all as if for the first time even though it is quite clear not by the lines of my face and the whiting at my temples as if for the first time all this sensation were new I nuzzle down into the closed-door warmer air lingering scent of oil paint and wax and call my life a blissful blessing and a famously fabulous get to there is nothing new there is everything new and this is not just my life it is everyone everyone everyone everywhere I am sure it is days like this simple and pure clean and bright that save the world