This week’s blog posts are all by Amanda Jolley. Last week saw Michelle Belto introducing our collaborative series; this week Amanda! Enjoy and savor the uniqueness of each~


Working with the 7×21 Ampersand Encausticbords made just for this collaborative exhibit turned into an unexpected delight. With the width of only 7 inches, I found it natural to lay them side by side and view them as one unit. The theme of connection became stronger as I would work on a panel individually and place it back with the group, the whole. One of my favorite moments was laying geometric oil bar prints created on huge sheets of newsprint across all seven panels. I felt unity in the voice of colors, the seven becoming one,

1 2

seven sharing one vision, even in the tiniest of ways.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Tomorrow I will expand on that vision, but now, more layers!

After adding more intuitive marks with layers of medium in between, the magical moment finally arrived, the moment each bord was painted with a signature color.


And at first, I really didn’t like them. I had kinda fallen in love with the under layers, but by the next day, my love was refreshed. That’s something I’ve learned time and again, walking away from painting can be just as important as the act of painting.