This line in my morning reading captured me and made me return and reread it did not allow for skimming to gather the gist it called to be heard and understood I would’ve passed it by had it not grabbed that ‘listen’ spot way down deep in my gut the low spot that I’ve heard screaming anymore in these later years of my Trish-life the one that has proven to be my lighthouse guide-light sure-assurance every time ‘The fool is an ancient tarot image in our culture, number zero in the deck, representing pure potentiality’  representing pure potentiality representing pure potentiality REPRESENTING PURE POTENTIALITY it grabbed me and made me mad oh so mad it was too early to stew and distress yet there I was cheeks-aflame wondering at this innocuous lines impact when surely the author intended it only as a point of fact then it dawned on me as so often things do of late it was connected to previous experience knotted around thinking and ruminations and stood as the pinnacle ‘ah’ to tie it all together it’s important to note again that it pissed me off made me angry mad mad mad stirred up disgust and push-back in me not at it push-back but at its truth and our world-societies-current-cultures seeded distain for a fool-how upside down have we become how upside down have we become HOW UPSIDE DOWN HAVE WE BECOME-when in fact fool is a foundation point it is the start of something it is the baby born new into the innocence and unknown of everything and the bright eyed taking it in for all it offers and not just a baby but everyone and everything at the beginning of beginnings no matter the age or state of their skin and joints and marrow a fool damnit world is a blessed state and one I want to embrace one I do embrace but up until now only couched and veiled behind words and descriptions implying intention and direction and instructions and rules suggesting intelligence and forethought and consideration as if no fool is my gift fool is heartily necessary and damnit I’m all too tired of this big-old-in-control-world I revolve around implying in none-too-gentle ways that there is derision in unknown exploration and investigation not rendered in intent and intelligence what if damnit world what if there is no intention and the forethought went only as far as deciding to pick up a pen rather than a brush what then damnit world is to be said for preplanning my potential arose arises each and every time it does so at its best when it does so from a place of a fool my ignorance is my bliss and hope is my fool and I will forever from now understand this value and praise the gift of my own foolishness and if I should find myself stepping into a place of intellectual quandary I will be sure to remember this statement and the disturbance it stewed and rather than lean harder with furrowed brow into intellectual decision-making I will put all the tools at my hands to play in just the way only my hands can and rejoice at my new learning at my blissful innocence at my blessed fool and go play ‘whosoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall not enter into it’

divine fool I will be full of wonder