The trees weren’t moving much not like yesterday great whips of wind slinging their arms their leaves here and there around the yard down the road where tires swishes and damp asphalt sucked the tender dying fibers of walnuts leaves to themselves as the same tires sucked them stuck them further to the road I stepped out road really road road road on the road me my two wheels helmeted in this Lexington city with hardly any bike lanes and certainly no driver conscientious conscience to two wheels certainly none with no motor swish through traffic squish and swerve through mazed half alive black and green mashes below my walnut tree take more I’d told the women but still more walnuts than I could manage and finally I left them to the squirrels to the earth to the road to engulf to entomb until next springs bud it was nothing to do so it only meant a more adventuresome mowing for John and maybe not even that it being mid-October already and the grass too like the walnuts and like the leaves and like the air and like the spirits turning in settling down closing up to await and to listen and to let what next would be after the winter closing