I can not stand to be talked over talked over in the way that is people forming ideas of me for themselves and projecting these conceptualizations before I get my own self formed and presented people have done it to me my entire life as if the words they speak are the form and model of me not my own words let out into the world and seen for how they exist in the air and I’ve let it become me I’ve let it swallowed the word-hung on my tongue where it sunk down and simpered simmered into a stew called pain called loss-of-self called dis-ease called Crohns called what shouldn’t be there but is it ate where it was not meant to feed I let it but no more anger here is a good thing I was told by my self two days ago this anger this anger here right here this anger now in this place with this push-back threatening the stew once again this anger this anger is justified if it must be justified it is real it is relevant and it is allowed to live in this place now let it lift and release the word-hung tongue or for that matter let it go release the trapped in words from the flesh of my tongue from the landscape of my throat and let it go not with breathe for it would only be wasted but with silent prayer silent release silent entreaty for someone else this else of someone who has stirred the stew to realize and stop their talk-over so that others can stand in their own truth so I can stand in my own way let us all release our word-hung tongues and live in our fullest way there is room for us all and what’s more the room where there is room has a beautiful light hung center over the space a chandelier that grows all the brighter when we each get to did I say get to we get to release our tongues we get to ~

and I’m not talking about fighting it starting a movement to allow people the freedom to express themselves with a cute name that catches attention I’m not talking about that if you’ve kept track of me or read any of my other writings bio or statement or poetry or more of these recent runons then you’d know I have a motivation an inclination to grow and strengthen and courageously continue and to get to have it ripple out to touch others and strengthen or motivate or inspire or encourage another is the happiest of by-products I’m not talking about creating a movement I’m talking about moving my self and getting to see this lighten load and encourage my spirit and grow deeper my roots of strength conviction and perseverance so that others…

so that others…

I wonder what it would be like this world of ours I wonder what it would be like if we were all here to share and trust and trust-share I wonder what it would be like this world of ours and I want it in my life I want it in my lifetime I want to trust-share and release my word-hung tongue no to never have a word hung on my tongue again to participate to speak to share to trust to listen to hear to be heard to think and let others think to know that I get to anymore and because I get to so does everyone else get to

you get to

there there are no more word-hung tongues I want this share-trust trust-share world and no I don’t mean some manufactured society of rules of allowance I don’t even really care about any of that because it all comes when I do what I am here to do and when I get to trust-speak and not be word-hung and get to and get to and get to what I care about what I mean here is a world where all the rules are alright because we are all living in the way we are meant to express and the impress of it is (only) whole in share-trust trust-share I mean that world I know it’s real I know it is possible and if I have to begin here and now and in this place with even just one then damn it there’ll be no more word-hung tongues around my table and no more gobbling word-sucking voices around my table unless they are there to learn to allow and see the space for all share-trust

let the chandelier brighten~