dig like the backhoe in the yard chewing up two feet of earth 42 feet by 38 feet making way for pouring of cement for pilings for cornerstones for foundation onto which will erect the first floor then the second walls and insulation floors and ceilings all necessary all required all part of the coming to be of the vision and creation that existed only on paper before the county approved the lines and measurements depths and scales and allowed the backhoe to roll into the yard and the limestone earth tree roots and dead grass even the dog long gone bones and chew toys the ancient it seems now remains of tossed debris of generations collected and swallowed by the rain soaked mowed over earth all pulled up and exposed dug up like the backhoe knowing for what it is digging I dig with knowing intent on setting the footings foundations cornerstones and floors all in becoming the vision entrusted to me to create.

it is a winding road to meaning