time has been disappearing today truly disappearing first its only nine in the morning and I’ve got plenty of time with the beds made and the bathrooms cleaned and therefore the workout I’ve planned well under way before the ride to the cafe easily fit into the morning for writing and taking care of a few details online that seem to slip through the cracks if not taken care of outside of the house distractions of one more thing and just this and I’ll get to it time disappearing quite literally with all of the sudden noon I had to check my mobile always trustworthy for the correct time when kindle is offline and can’t be trusted but yet noon already how did that happen just disappeared the whole morning to peddles across town and a lovely latte and here in this booth with modern day pen and paper scrolling text onto the page disappeared so I finish wrap it up clip on the helmet and peddle back as if the time could be retrieved in the return trip but no really I don’t want to retrieve it or even feel it needs to be found in its disappearing I don’t want to find it and have a conversation I am fine acknowledging it has fleeted this one fine day as in truth I never well rarely if ever have a day in which the hours disappear and this alone getting to have such a day not only at nine and noon but again at four is a rare thing in my world and to get to kind of secretly gives me a little thrill a shiver of delight I didn’t know I was capable of and while sure I can recite all my days accomplishments to my bedtime self and make-sure-this put-things-in-their-place and get-the-job-done me is satisfied it is to the other self there swinging her arms wide and doing a delicious twirl in that light cotton pleated skirt that swings wide with the lift of fanned crisp air from toes turning ever so delightedly faster that is the one who truly knows the disappearance of nine and noon and four and maybe if truth be told even eight is the true ticking of boxes that made this day complete