what happens when your old habits come into the new you life you’ve created thinking it has nothing to do with and no similar form to that last and you face down same old in a new body and a new bliss that you hadn’t seen coming even though you fully prepared and told yourself that just because sure it looks completely different and has a way about it that can never resemble or be called to the carpet in any way similar to that of the past you are none the less a bit terrified truth be told by the way in which the evidence is beginning to stack against you it seems to be true even for this one life that one should not judge by the cover even if one seems to not be doing so choosing as one has a cover completely unlike the past and yet discovering covers have nothing to do with it it is all about the depth of the words on the page and even maybe the number of pages in the book damn it all it is hard to realize that in this one short life because even if one intends to live full and real until 106 it is still just one short life there is still an incredible propensity to live ones life over again in the writing off and signing anew and that maybe from the get go if one had been given the ability no no more blame if one had taken responsibility for the deep super depth of voice down there no matter how scary it seemed that one even if alone as the world would’ve called it if one had listened to this and gone for it first or even second or even now one would live beyond the ever able to even dream in the most dramatic amazing dreams ever alone but never lonely if one had only could only would only just listen and go for it now what is it with thinking one has to have one another to affirm oneself or that some grand human creation plan called for it when maybe can you imagine it isn’t nor ever was intended to be about he and she and we but maybe about solid human encouragement and support never mind the other stuff that can be really taken care of in 72 seconds ultimately and yet as I runon I know behind it all behind it and behind me and behind him is only me and me can live in this self and amazing and what if and not lonely with Him not despite Him or without Him and its really yet again behind it all only ever about how this me takes the me and goes for it

habit or not