The word ‘Impossible’ itself spells — ‘I’m possible’.
– Author unknown –

The parrots gathered just before dusk every night.

Hundreds it seems, but truly just dozens I’m sure.

They collected in the swaying fonds of the palm trees lining the walk just outside our second story  artists residency apartment veranda.


I tried to photograph them but the setting sunlight of dusk, the tipped slates windows of the veranda and the wind-blown fonds all serve to obscure the spots of bright green, red, yellow, blue that pair off in the branches, nestling down for the night.

But the cacophony. Where my eyes lost sight of the rainbowed couples snuggling into each other for protection and comfort, the sounds of their good nights could not be ignored. The volume overtook the passing traffic on the CBD intersection just below. Conversation between us was nearly impossible so we’d often give up in exchange for delicious, delightful listening.

It’s a wonder.

I miss it; despite the intense volume, I don’t think I’d ever grow tired of that nightly invasion.

I consider the locals; how they must grow weary of them….

but I’m not; a local.

I was a visitor.









New Zealand.

And now closer to home even here; Michigan~

This is what it has looked like to jump in with both feet,

off the edge and into the unknown.

Finding out if your passion will meet your purpose.

For you, it may be very different.

But the wonder.

The wonder! It is there for everyone.

It is there in the jumping.

epic shit

It is there in the risking for the right reason.

It is there in the persevering and the worry and the determination and the scary.

I am blessedly, boldly, amazingly awe-inspiredly living it and getting to share it as proof!

It’s happened to me. I risked. I stepped. I step. And I’ll do it again. I’m doing it again.

and I invite, no, I hope I embolden you

to do it too.

You can. I did. It is blessed.

And with that I introduce two who have;

fabulous artists coming along for an encaustic ride

thanks to the first ever EncaustiCamp scholarships!

One a newbie: Michelle Hayden

jumping in and risking a whole week away from her young family in order to carry back a whole lot of inspiration and rejuvenation.

the other a returner~

whom must be along again, because it is right.


I look forward to all ECamp 2014 brings; and hope some of that bringing is you.

in love.