I awoke at 2am;

not unusual.

Tucked my pillows under my arm and rolled from bed with a much needed call for courage;

‘This is the day the Lord has made….’

This is the day ‘my pillows’ are no longer mine.

This is the day my feet hit the deck just outside the front door to ‘go forth’-

not to go and return.

This is the day my preciously maintained white towels enter into the ‘come what may’

of someones

rag bag 🙂

This is the day my coffee pot,

favorite wine glass,

king bed sheets (will we ever see a king size bed again?! ahhhhh…..)

herb pot,

Bath and Body Works Kitchen Spice hand soap,

10lb hand weights,

and yes, even

laundry basket,

make their way to corners of other people’s garage,



The last of me.


Emptied out.

All that’s been mine,

acquired and loved,

held fast and

treasure for 20+ years,




set aside.


I am counting courage in ounces.

I’ll take every last drop.

In love. Trish

NOTE: The categories tagged for this post include ‘abundance’. I hope those reading recognize I am not lamenting loss of stuff, but looking forward to what is to come. Courage isn’t sought to better give up, but to best accept 🙂 Blessed. xo Hope you stay to come along on this journey with me, so that in a month, year, decade, we’ll be sharing in where Courage has taken me~