The real secrets are hidden in the stories behind each creation.

Don’t just paint; create.


A painting is not one directional.

It is meeting the viewer half way;

the creation meets the interpretation.


And so in this spirit we bring you 7 Degrees of Connection: A collaborative exhibit of seven artist, seven panels and seven colors

We have enjoyed the process of bringing this exhibit to life;

in all of the bits we each engaged individually

as well as the many hours of developmental process we did in our together time.

Birthing a concept always proves to be more difficult that the idea when it is first just the twinkle in ones eye.

This exhibit proved no different. While I think they would each, the instructors, agree to do this with me again, I will do the right thing and not ask them. We put a lot, more than expected and more than should be required, into this exhibit. I pray it shows well in your eyes, the viewers, and that your interpretation adds more value, depth and integrity than we even put into it; which was heaps.

We really loved this process, these paintings, and now it’s time to let them go and be loved by you. Thank you for coming along and enjoying the ride.

Share wont you? And make this bigger than we could’ve hoped or imagined.

7 Degrees of Connection

day 3- sherbert  IMG_2238 IMG_9706 IMG_9707

in love.