IMAG4298    We’ve made our way north; and there’s just something about Queensland that sinks deep in my bones and makes me giddy and delighted….

I could call this state home….IMAG4295





But first!

I finished painting the big boys 🙂






















We stopped off at friends.











Yes, I have a serious case of kitchen and studio envy right now…..!




































Lorraine Emerson was in my Brisbane TAA workshop last June and graciously took left over stock to store at her place. The best part of this arrangement wasn’t that I didn’t have to pack and ship or carry it all, but that in our return to Queensland we got to go fetch it from her home; eliciting an overnight visit resplendent with delicious food, beautiful wine, amazing views and engaging conversation~

I got the best end of the deal 🙂

Now we are here
















That’s our place: home for the month! The top portion of a beautiful gallery, and a full flat for a kitchen I can (sort of) pretend is my own, and a space to splash wax around that out-sizes my former studio…..











We called the move-in our Sunday exercise; humidity and heat up two flights of stairs with the exhibit and 2 years of life-in-suitcases will test a persons health!!!

There will be much more to share as I get this residency, exhibit, workshops and demoing in Bundaberg, and in March Cairns, underway. Tomorrow opens at 7:15am with a live radio interview. This could be interesting…..

in love.



I’d like to think I add to the integrity of this statement with my show, Wax and Words, opening Thursday, artist reception Friday 5:30-7. Big woop woop! 🙂