Detailed schedule WinterWax2018

Sunday evening we’ll gather to introduce, share, set expectations and review studio. Dinner is served altogether~

Monday and Tuesday begins in the studio with Trish’s techniques, tools and palette. Lunch is provided all week.

Each evening will find us in front of Brenda, exploring goals and setting the ground work for vision casting 2018~

Wednesday and Thursday Kathryn takes over and the studio takes on a new look! With her techniques, tools and palette we will explore a different approach to the wax.

Friday We work altogether around the studio, giving feedback, reviewing developments in the work produced over the four days on instruction and take a review of the entirety of work created by all participants. Brenda wraps up the vision casting element to pull together the work into the goals going forward for the rest of the year.

We will share dinner around the grand table, talk into the evening and share the work and experience created in the intensive week.

Look forward to one final sleep-in before waking to share breakfast on Saturday morning and depart as schedules direct!

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