Winter Wax 2018


A new year comes with resolutions. What if you use this new year to establish resolutions that lift your heart and set your creative spirit alight? How about a week of invigorating and enlivening creative inspiration that carries these resolutions to fruition the entire year through? Give yourself and your new year the gift of this inspirational week with the deliberate intention of developing your creative lifestyle for 2018~

Come to WinterWax

Gather with encaustic artist, author and instructor Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, encaustic artist and color expert Kathryn Bevier (Enkaustikos), and creativity coach and author of Ignite Your Vision  Brenda Tassava for a week of motivation, inspiration, enlightenment and encouragement like no other.

2018 Theme - Composition: The Integrity of Simplicity


What do you want from your time at the table?

Winter Wax will bring you around my table to explore the deeper practice of connecting to inner muse and trusting it to create a lifestyle that reaches deep and wide and is sustaining: Exploring a creative life-not just creative as an element within our lives~

We do this together in the atmosphere of the EncaustiCastle; rich in inclusivity, creativity, community and exploration.

Around the studio table:

This second year we focus our attention on composition

Trish’s current work direction resonates from a place of simplicity; elemental sensibilities that speak quietly, with a bold force. Sharing this journey from ‘everything’ to ‘nearly nothing’, with tremendous emotional impact, is what she will bring to the table.

Kathryn works deep and wide in the color fields. To this composition week she will bring her expertise in this arena with the mindset of compositional color and its contribution to simplicity and minimalism.

Around the dining table:

  • journaling that exposes the personal desires and passion we may not yet have owned up to. This work happens around Brenda’s expertise in business developement and her new book for artist career path directing: Ignite your Vision
  • group conversation that deepens this exposure through feedback and identification with and from others
  • determined process evaluation of these journaling revelations so as to carry it into the new year

 inclusive of:

  • all workshop instruction with Patricia, Kathryn and Brenda
  • most supplies and materials
  • shared accommodations in the EncaustiCastle
  • welcome night + one other dinner (night TBD) at EncaustiCastle
  • breakfast and lunch on workshop days

What is the thing you want that calls to you, whether you hear it or not, sometimes just as a dull ache? What is it saying to you, asking of you, and how will you respond? This is the silent question, the quiet interior voice that artist, author and international instructor Patricia Baldwin Sseggebruch has had running in unconscious, and more recently in the out-loud spaces. She has answers, and continues to answer, to it; and now challenges you all to do the same. What is that inner voice that calls, and what is it calling to you?

We are all meant to create meaning, integrity, value and relationship-in varied depths, breadths and significance. What is your meaning? What is your create?

Dare to ask, or to at least listen, and perhaps discover, if only the smallest of whispers, at WinterWax. Yes, it is about the wax; but so much more as well~

Dare to.

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