Bi-Annual with Sue Stover materials and supply list

Inclusive of:
  • accommodations
  • breakfast and lunch on workshop days
  • all instruction
  • opening dinner
  • encaustic paints
  • oil paints
  • assorted general use supplies
  • selection of 10 awagami papers donated
  • ampersand encausticbord and basswood donated
        Supplies to bring:
  • foundations to paint on
    • no larger than 24×24
    • approx 6-10 (there will be some onsite for sale)
  • oil paint, pigment sticks you’d like to have along
  • 1lb encaustic medium
  • rusting materials:
    • rusty bits to use (many onsite here)
    • natural fiber papers and fabrics to rust
  • apron
  • scissors
  • gloves
  • smaller natural bristle if wanting to use sizes other than 1″ hake
  • collage and inclusion materials of choice
  • incising tools (many onsite)
  • water bottle
  • personal materials and supplies you want to have at hand