An exceptional opportunity full of inspiration, motivation and ingenuity~

Concept, Passion, Materiality, Craft A Bi-Annual with Sue Stover

March at the EncaustiCastle, October at Stover Atelier

March 2018: An intensive exploration of materiality utilizing the wonder-full interplay of wax, tar and rust

The simplest of materials, the humblest of tools, the sincerest of results. Tar. Rust. Wax. Found materials.

Come try something old, in a new way~

Whether you work intuitively or with fully formed ideas, this workshop will explore the threads that run through our work, what drives us to create, what draws us to work with certain materials, and how we can hone our skills to complete our best work. Join artists Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Susan Stover for this in depth intensive at the EncaustiCastle in Lexington, Kentucky. This all-inclusive retreat explores all Sue and Trish have developed with materials, ideas and what inspires their practices, in expectation that they can help to further your own individual direction. This is an investment of deep exploration in encaustic with intense focus on tar and rust interplay. 

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About Sue Stover:

My work is about investigating the use of repetition, ritual and the significance of patterns in art and communities. Pattern and repetition are an integral part of our everyday lives. Visually find it in nature, textiles, architecture, and objects in our environments. Physically we use it in rituals, ceremonies, habits, and meditations. Audibly we hear it in music, mantras, and machinery.

Pattern and repetition play a major part in my work as I often use traditional textile processes. It is inherent in the repeated movements of folding and dyeing fabrics, stamping, stitching, and crocheting. layering wax and scraping as well as in the visual result. I choose these methods because it connects me to people in other cultures who work in the same way. It is a language with which I can communicate and learn about symbolic meanings, cultural and religious beliefs.

Susan Stover received a MFA from California College of Art in Oakland, CA and a BFA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with both degrees concentrating in a combination of textiles and painting. Among her professional experience is faculty at U.C. Davis, lab technician at CCA, and 10 years at Jacquard Products, a manufacturer of textile pigments and dyes. She has presented at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) and NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association) trade shows, the International Encaustic Artists Conference, the Surface Design Conference and teaches workshops nationally and internationally. Her paintings are in many private collections. In 2016 she was commissioned for several pieces for American Ag Credit headquarters in Windsor, CA. Her work has been included in Encaustic Revelation by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, Studio Visit, Wax and Paper Workshop by Michelle Belto, Expressive Collage by Crystal Neubauer, Gathering Clouds – A Magazine of Contemporary Art, FiberArts, Surface Design Journal and American Craft magazines.

About Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch:

‘One has to be in the same place every day, watch the dawn from the same window, hear the same birds wake each morning to realize how inexhaustibly rich and different is sameness.’ Thomas Merton

This is the blessing of simplicity.

Spend time with it, the sameness of your life, and see what marvels exist.

I did so for a year, sunk deep into the bones of my new house, my new city, and let rise what existed there already, only needing to be exposed. Soul Boxes and Poetry Wall are the result.  

Simple color.

Pure expression.

Gentle motion.

Rich discovery.

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