Keep room in your heart for the unimaginable~

‘Being here, with you, in this encausticastle bas been a game changer.’ Elizabeth Bunsen 
Teaching in Lexington, KY at the EncaustiCastle, a dynamic arts compound run by it’s charismatic founder patricia baldwin seggebruch is a fantastic experience. My batteries are totally recharged after being in such a stimulating environment…I love the mixture of passionate artists, focus on learning new techniques and approaches to creating art, and the power of being part of a problem solving group. Geoffrey Gorman

Do you dream of a place you could go-warm, inviting, inspiring-

Somewhere you could indulge in paint or dye, paper or textile, pen or brush? Where delicious meals, cozy bed, delightful bath and grand gathering table all serve you to think only of the creativity at hand?….

Welcome to OPENstudio, the ‘encausticastle’ home and studio of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch in Lexington, KY,  where all this is happening, and more~

The art, the instruction, the inspiration, the tools and the retreat; all in one beautiful place~ If you want to stay via AirBnB and haven’t registered to use them before, do so here! 


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Generous donations from Enkaustikos helps make all the amazing waxiness possible! Thank you Mike Lesczinski and your entire team of encaustic geniuses!
Golden paints get all the credit for allowing for the reindulgence into acrylics. Without their generous support and eduction it would not be possible~ They started me after all, nearly two decades ago 🙂