Guest Instructors Throughout the Year:

Keep room in your heart for the unimaginable~

“Being here, with you, in this encausticastle has been a game changer.”

Elizabeth Bunsen

“Teaching in Lexington, KY at the EncaustiCastle, a dynamic arts compound run by it’s charismatic founder patricia baldwin seggebruch is a fantastic experience. My batteries are totally recharged after being in such a stimulating environment…I love the mixture of passionate artists, focus on learning new techniques and approaches to creating art, and the power of being part of a problem solving group.”

Geoffrey Gorman

Do you dream of a place you could go-warm, inviting, inspiring-

Somewhere you could indulge in paint or dye, paper or textile, pen or brush? Where delicious meals, cozy bed, delightful bath and grand gathering table all serve you to think only of the creativity at hand?….

Welcome to OPENstudio, the ‘encausticastle’ home and studio of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch in Lexington, KY,  where all this is happening, and more~

Workshops at the EncaustiCastle are unique.

Workshops here are of the all-inclusive nature. This 138 year old three story Victorian ‘castle’ as its dubbed in the neighborhood is a wonderful retreat from the every day. For workshops the five rooms are shared among attendees who choose the onsite accommodations option. I encourage you mightily to be brave and jump in; whether you choose to share with a friend also attending, or let things fall into place and look forward to meeting a new roomie, you will be well cared for, indulged, and fully immersed in creative inspiration for the entirety of your stay; it is my goal and obligation to make it so.  Delicious locally-sourced and onsite-prepared by me breakfast and lunch are provided each day of your stay. My goal is for you to feel cared for, indulged, inspired and creatively energized like never before~

The guest instructor retreats are formatted as they are-back to back, 3.5 days each to total one full week-to give you the greatest advantage. Whether you can only manage one 3.5 day retreat, or are able to partake in the full 7 day indulgence, the back-to-back design is such so as to compel you to be able to get all you can from these like material-ed, moded, or methodology-ed artists. I hope it speaks to you, and you jump in whole-heartedly~


The art, the instruction, the inspiration, the tools and the retreat; all in one beautiful place~ If you want to stay via AirBnB and haven’t registered to use them before, do so here!