Set yourself on fire with passion, the whole world will come watch you burn. John Wesley


Passion looks like the crazy woman at the end of the cable car, jumping on as it is taking off, hanging from the side with one hand, holding hat onto head with other, big grin, face turned to the sky, toe tapping to awaiting next stop….

Passion looks like the man diving into the wave, board in hand, bobbing up to surface in the foam, grinning up to the sky, shaking wet hair from eyes and paddling out to the next big wave…

Passion looks like the person, no game plan, no outline or researched success story, no gauranteed ‘gone before’ platform to climb onto, going for it.

Passion looks like, getting to the last day, whenever that last day occurs, having jumped the cable car, dove into the wave, gone for it despite no ‘gone before’ success story….

Passion looks like, dare I say, having ones cable car be a plane to Australia for two years; and returning to build a wild, bigger than anything, gargantuan dream…

jumping on……

Passion grows when fed.

Passion lives when taken out in the light of day.

Passion spreads when shared with others.








in love.