Photos don’t do it justice; we were painting on a gloriously sunny Florida weekend out doors on the hosts back porch!~overlooking a small lake 🙂 Sometimes the unexpected ‘perks’ of this job (job?! what job?! I love what I get to do!) astound my feeble mind….go graciously blessed…

 We did some burning, par for the course in my workshops :), and I began to tell them of the more burning I’ve been doing-which garnered much teasing about being a piro :))) Not ungrounded mind you…..I just sent off an email and reread my new tag line on my signature and had to giggle….it was not intentionally associated in this way 🙂 Off to Mt Dora for a weekend with more wax! in love. trish
light yourself on fire with passion and the world will come to watch you burn.’ John Wesley