‘I can, with one eye squinting, take it all as a blessing’. Flannery O’Connor


I’ve realized in all my going out, and seeking,

what I am most after is home

     somewhere my heart opens wide and never closes.


This year, the fifth for EncaustiCamp, I realized I’d found it.

All that time down under,

all my years trying to feel myself this person

the publications


followers profess

I am it was all for me a seeking of

home. What I came to-

this place where my heart bursts open and feels right-

where it never wants to close or finish but flourish-

has always been there; it’s in the people I’ve

planted in.






Home is something we go out from seeking-

only to discover it was there all along.


I’ve always loved home-making

EncaustiCamp is just that


on a grander scale.

photo credit Doug Loates


10419497_10202421219714907_4227885753153774566_necamp 2011 crazy instructors








EncaustiCamp is because of the people

It’s become

A place of hope-making


It is for this that I am so grateful to get to-

and I begin the changes to EncaustiCamp 2016 with a flourish

and thrill.

I get to.

I will do my job well 🙂

in love.


next week! Outline of EncaustiCamp EncaustiColony~