I am glad that I am in this great world.
rabindranath tagore
 Flow into the knowledge that what you are seeking finishes often at the start, and with ending, begins. 
What else is growth, but more of the will of God? A pure heart is one that sends out ready hands~
george macdonald

 Stand around with your arms open~
mary oliver
There’s living, and then there is living.

 How did things change for me-so much for the better?
I held God at His word when He said, ‘Seek and you will…’
you must know the famous phrase. Believe it dear, for it is so very true.

I teach today; day one Australia. There will follow-on approximately 30 more days of teaching

58 altogether across the great pond.

I can try to not be sentimental-melancholic as John pointed out in response to my many email stories to him since landing two days ago. 
I am not a sentimental sort.

I look behind only to realize the distance and depth of travel

the touch of God’s hand that is often only evident in this backward glance. 

What I like in life is to do, not ‘having done’- 
karl lagerfeld

But returning down under, after the past visit of two years investment,

whole heart and soul and body investment, it is impossibly

I am finding, to not reminisce with melancholy and sentiment.

I am here.

I return to the place that formed me in my ‘second coming’ in life.

-I became an empty nester here

-passed into the next phase of woman-dome here

-grew into a new marriage here.

Australia is a point and place on which my life turned.

But it is only in taking the backward glance that is happening here on the ground, in all these familiar yet not places from before, that all that truly means comes to full light. 

I said the words before, but now I am feeling them. Living them- 

I have changed.

Australia changed me.

And I am back to share my new me.

I get to.

Thank you Australia.

Thank you life.


Melancholic sentiment and all~

For everything is always beginning again.

in love.