It’s me 🙂

My week! For the past six weeks you’ve heard from guest bloggers-my fellow ECamp instructors-telling of their inspirations, process and practice in developing their unique seven panels for our collaborative exhibit. This final week is all mine.

Thank you for coming along with us. It might not show, but without deep enough words and wide enough reach to express it, we are so grateful to have gotten to. Thanks to you~


No more lists.

No more to dos.

No more plans for what will come; it is never so,

I throw it all away.

The scraps of paper bullet points.

The sticky-note lists

purple, green, you-know-it yellow.







Even the recipes.


No more formulas for living a better life.

What is flowing today is more than enough

to keep my hands busy.

to keep my heart seeking.

to keep my mind cheering.

There are no boxes to tick.


Time take care

of to dos.

in love.