Amanda Jolley and me 2007?!


I thrive on taking flight.

I like to forge new ground and create new ways-

Be it across the world

or simply in the studio or kitchen

over a paint palette

or a cook pot.


But there comes a time when flight needs to land.

Sometimes that can be difficult;

taking off is full of anticipation and excitement.

Soaring is full of doing and experiencing.

Landing…..well landing is full of finality, and coming down and

<gulp> sometimes even-

if not just the potential-

of crashing.


I’ve been in flight-

taken off


and am now coming to land.

Thanks to my community of kindred spirits 

and the close counsel of a dear few

and the intensive wisdom and perspective of a certain one

<note: the photo above…I do not post my hair looking like a spider on my head easily…>

I do not crash.

my way







If left to my own vices

I certainly would run the risk.

But that’s part of what I’ve learned in these amazing two years in Australia;

the people you surround yourself with,

your community,

make a life

worth living.


I return stateside in two weeks-

With a whole new set of wings.









in love.