That’s the sound of a launch.
Of a ‘what if’ exploding into the world~
Encaustic Revelation book cover

Have you seen it?! Have you really seen it?!

EncaustiCamp must be growing up,

because it’s given birth to a creation of its own 🙂

Encaustic Revelation: Cutting-edge Techniques from the Master’s of EncaustiCamp

is alive and well and living on bookshelves near you!

(well, nearly…..)

Thanks and gratitude go to all contributing artists who’ve made this baby come to life:

Shary Bartlett

Michelle Belto

Kathryn Bevier

Bridgette Guerzon-Mills

Amanda Jolley

Crystal Neubauer

Susan Stover

Judy Wise

There’s no better team playing in the field. Hands down the best.

in love.


8/9ths of us will be at EncaustiCampUS in July signing books at Daniel Smith, smiling big as we love on our baby 🙂 and inspiring to more as we get year 4 under way, and look forward to year five…..come along, it’s that good.