This weeks posts are from Sue Stover! This is the sixth week in our collaborative exhibit share; in case you have missed  the previous I encourage you to take a look! Begin with Michelle Belto, follow on to Amanda JolleyCrystal NeubauerErin Keane and Shary Bartlett. Enjoy!


Okay, just dig in. Give it a try. Approach it from an experimental aspect. One of the technical things I’ve been playing with lately is stenciling and creating more depth with pattern. So I’ve decided that these pieces will be approached from this angle. Sometimes taking the stance that a piece is a sample or an exploration of a technique or idea takes the pressure off. So here goes. Here are some pictures of the first piece.

1sue 2 sue

Alright, it’s feeling a bit more comfortable now. I’m using some of my fabrics. The flow is starting to happen. My mantra is “trust the process, trust the process.”