If you went looking for me last weekend you’d have found me in Raleigh, North Carolina. My goal in seeking teaching venues for 2010 was not exclusive to locations I was familiar with: Sure I’m returning to Oregon, Northern California and Colorado-when you find a good thing, stick with it! But, even more than bringing innovative encaustic creativity to these enthusiastically supportive venues, my goal was to branch out to states, cities and venues I haven’t yet brought the goodness of encaustic to!
Raleigh, North Carolina-specifically Jerry’s Artarama-was just such a place.
Expecting nothing less than a great experience, I received an over the top gracious welcome and eager reception by the entire staff-not just the event coordinator.
Despite a three hour delay in Baltimore, Sharon and Joe DiJiulio picked me up at the airport at 11:30pm and whisked me back to their home to indulge in their private studio space before fully engaging in Jerry’s. What a delicious bonus! Inspiration abounds in unexpected places~

After three days of excited encaustic indulgence, I was returned from whence I came with ideas flowing and enthusiast contagion! As a result of this special connecting and experimenting at Jerry’s I have two unplanned additions to my 2010 repertoire: This Friday I am taking a quick over night to Ontario (since I just happen to be investing in a 10 day trip to Michigan and its a mere 5 hours away 🙂 to play in wax and new stuff with Emily Block at her shop and workshop space, Stamping Bella-www.stampingbella.com. Emily and her cohort Sheryl attended the three day at Jerry’s and I do believe I’ve hooked at least these two new encaustic addicts 🙂

And, due to my stalker-like love of Ampersand and R & F, I connected with the powers that be at these companies, tied the afor mentioned event coordinator into the mix, and have since confirmed my attendance at this November’s Art of the Carolinas: a four day indulgence in all things art hosted by Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh. www.jerrysartevents.com/artofca20.html
Look for me to be fully exhausted yet glowing and smiling as I depart a second time this year from Raleigh-Durham. I intend to give that tri-city area a full dose of the goodness of encaustic and all that R&F and Ampersand are about! Look for new product, demos galore and indulgent workshop opportunities…..in love. trish!