That my highest ambition

-and yes I seek regularly to realize for myself just what this is-

my highest ambition is to be what I already am.

All my dreams and vision and hopes

all my strivings and seekings and going-ons

all aim at this same 

thanks to Thomas Merton

and the way in which he has shown me in

I know that I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass

myself unless I first accept myself.

Maybe sometimes, maybe every time,

it is a human being realizing just this. 

It is the very thing, the very moment, all is accomplished 

The truth of trueness.

Have I already surpassed myself when I accept myself fully in this right way?

The very realization is the stepping-stone to the me that is above me.

I must become myself, and stop living beside myself.

Despite myself.

In spite of myself.

There I go; I have already moved on~