I adore change.

I have come to believe it’s what keeps us alive, it is what alive means.

but I digress….


I did not see this coming.

I thought EncaustiCamp would exist in me, around me, for me and from me for many many more years to come.

But I was wrong.

EncaustiCamp is at it’s end.

There is no easier way for me to say it so I just say it and get it over with;

EncaustiCamp is done.

2015 will be a more glorious year than I imagined; at first thinking it going to be a grand celebration of five years: anniversary celebration.

But now it is so much more.

A sweet celebration

and a bitter-sweet goodbye.

I know I have the capacity to do both EncaustiCamp and what I see OPENstudio becoming,

but try as I might to force this way,

it is not right.

EncaustiCamp is meant to finish now at its fifth year run~

For all of you who said

‘not this year but next year!’ and

‘2016 is going to be my turn to come!’

I am so sorry. I wish I could’ve come up with a way to make it happen but it’s just not right.

So I hope and pray that by letting you know now, over three months in advance,

perhaps they’ll be a way for you to come

this year.


a glorious, thrillingly indulgent week in wax.

It will be amazing.

And unforgettable.

I don’t say that lightly; each year has been poignantly unforgettable

therefore 2015 will be so-

yet all the moreso~

I hope to host reunions;

use Dumas Bay in the future, always this last week in July

to regather those who’ve gone before.

To regroup, reconnect, indulge in whatever our hand is in at that creative time

and share, mentor, grow, touch,

retie the threads of connection which EncaustiCamp has so surprisingly, delightfully


But only time will tell.

So please, if you’ve ever intended to come see what EncaustiCamp is all about,

make this your time.

It will be more than worth your while.

I cannot promise it

I can only say

I just know it.

in love.