and now I’m terribly hung over.



My strength is in being bold, risky.

This is a stage for getting it wrong.

A lot.


It’s caused me to shrink back a few times. Not entirely, thank God, but shrink nonetheless.

Each time I’ve crawled back into my shell

determined to not be made (make myself) the fool again,

stay put there in that tight, cozy nest

I begin to itch.

Chaff with the restricted space and

when really left to scratch

throw a raging pity party.

It’s as ugly as it sounds, trust me…..








These pity parties have made me realize-

I’m not made to shrink and stay.

I am made to risk and go bold.

This means I’m made to withstand the failings.


If I’ve capacity for risking and thrive in risk,

Then it follows that I’ve capacity for failing, and crawling back out to go again.


I cannot go ‘good enough’.

I want more.


God is my strength. If I don’t go bold,

I don’t go God.

How are you made?


What would happen if you believed it?

in love.