you have to experience your experiences.
richard rohr

why it is that humans only, not birds, not fish, not elephants or even chimpanzees.

Certainly not the water filling more of the earth than skin.

Certainly not the grasses or flower petals, nor even the high sky behind pillowy clouds.

Humans only choose to wear masks, and thus spend their days masquerading.

What a folly.

What a ruse.

What a desperate waste.

What if we too, humans that we are,

simply lived in what is ours, each, individually, and yet blessed-collectively, as well?

Which is the natural outcropping of living what is ours first, in case you hadn’t realized~

listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world with which it makes love to you.
rabindranath tagore

like the flowers filling a vase 

filling a meadow

like the clouds

never ceasing

never swaying from their course

like the air that breathes and blows

and feeds.

i can not choose the best. The best chooses me.
rabindranath tagore

God. What a world it would be. Can you imagine? 

once we dreamt that we were strangers. we wake up to find that we were dear to each other.
rabindranath tagore

can I remove the mask?

life begins with seeds before manifesting in fruit.
chris tiegreen
in love.