I expected different. I expected to feel



maybe even frightened or bewildered.

But I’m not any of these things.

And neither is Patrick.

Hong Kong could be Chicago.

Or Baltimore.

Or Seattle.

No more strange.

No more foreign.

And no less 🙂

It’s a relief;

Granted a relief marked by numbing exhaustion

due to the added,

inexplicable difficulty in SeaTac

which delayed our getting to international connection by three hours (yikes!) More later I’m sure, but alas, even despite the exhaustion,

Hong Kong is ‘normal’.

The same mix of dialects and languages fill the air.

The same blend of skin tone and

hair color pass by as we perch beside a pole,

Patrick slumbering~

It’s nice.


Two of four legs of this journey to ‘next’ done.

Two more to go.


I think I’ll sleep to Perth 🙂

My nerves have begun to level off~

in love. trish.