TODAY! I am leaving today. 6 weeks down under. Wow. It’s today.
‘There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.’ Beverly Ails
I hope to see all the sights yet go further as well: Maybe glimpsing what not every tourist sees, and experiencing what not every travels discovers.
Part way through the romp I’ll spend a few days with my brother and sister in law. Days I expect to indulge in much more native and much less run across.
But mostly I hope to be indulging in time with Australian encaustic enthusiasts. I can not quite believe that I get to make this trip to indulge in a whole new culture of creative hearts anticipating time in the wax! 
I cross the pond and loose an entire day to jump full-bore into inspiring; bring it on Australia! I want to give it all~
And hopefully, take some back to the states to share in exchange-goodness knows I’ve brought enough room for shopping 🙂 in love. trish