When the most important things in our life happen we quite often do not know, at the moment, what is going on. C.S. Lewis

I walked streets narrow and cobbled

an ancient original of the pedestrian path at home.

7500 km away the voices mixed

English of visitors-

US, UK and Australian-

Italian native-

accented amalgamy of all.

Buildings steeped on each side









not imposing but yet so present and so close.

Vendors hawking selfie sticks and EU chargers

made in Italy coin purses and painted landscapes repeated from piazza to piazza-

I was not in awe

and this filled me with wonder.

What had changed since that first entry through customs

how could travel possibly have become commonplace?

Had I flatlined awe?

After the meeting, the seeing, the setting up, sorting, making, working, experiencing-

and no sooner going home-

surely I was not done with alive?!

-then, there, at 6am 10,000 feet up







awe rejuvenated.

With a beep and a whir,

seat belts fastened and tray tables erect,

new life.

Sometimes it is in the looking back that we see where we are









-and wonder.

This is why I EncaustiCamp.

in love.