When artists are asked the somewhat illusory question-

or perhaps just asking it of themselves as age and use begin to take their toll-

what (function) do you most fear losing,

the expected response is eye sight or

use of hands.

These are our greatest tools of creation after all-


photo credit Doug Loates

photo credit Doug Loates


As this question flitted through my contemplative mind once

again this morning I realized


that’s not my answer.


As I lose eye sight

and the ability to use my hands as life, age, use

begin to diminish them

there will be another way

another tool

that will rise to take their place.

What I fear most losing-

what would render the eyes and hands useless despite their still ‘able’-






call it what you like.

I fear losing the spirit that puts my eye-tools and hand-tools to purpose.


A man paints with his brains and not with his handsMichelangelo Buonarroti 

So steadfastly,

obsessively, I hold

the practices and treasures that keep heart alive~

Hands and eyes will fade.


in love.