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EncaustiCastle: Expressive Painting with James Edward Scherbarth and Lauren Mantecon

November 1 @ 9:30 am - November 7 @ 4:00 pm

$725 - $1300

A unique week-long retreat opportunity that will take your painting practice, no matter the medium, to a whole new level~


With James Edward Scherbarth

Authentic Personal Abstraction-exploring abstract painting with oil paints and cold wax medium~

Based upon his successful program Process – Purpose – Passion James Edward Scherbarth (Jim) will introduce you to his holistic approach for creating personal and authentic abstract art.  Through a process based upon layering and colour interactions we will use cold wax medium, tube oils, pigment sticks, powdered pigments and a variety of implements to create rich textures, resonant color fields and to identify and develop our personal mark making.  Utilizing various tools and techniques we will “push the limits” of our mediums and welcome the surprises along the way deciding what works and what does not. Once comfortable with the basic techniques (process) we start to look at form and content, deliberate and accidental mark making, starting points, titling of work, working in series all within the discussion of process/purpose/passion.  Technique demonstrations combined with student experimentation, group discussions, presentations and printed resources add to the experience, raising your awareness & appreciation for the content and meaning within good abstract art.  Described as inspiring and life-changing, this workshop will enliven your art practice and unleash your creative voice!

 This workshop is well suited for those who have had some prior painting experience and who enjoy the sharing, flexibility & happenstance of a group environment!  All levels of experience with oils & cold wax are welcome – Jim will work with each artist at their level and need.  The focus of the workshop is on the process itself more than achieving a “finished” painting; we look into the possibilities of that process and how it can be incorporated in your individual artistic practice. 

$30 material fee inclusive of-odorless mineral spirits, Cold Wax Medium, dry texture medium & pigments, and miscellany

Required Student Supplies:

  • Arches Oil Paper – at least one pad either  9×12 or 16×20   (one each size is good if you do not want to use panels) … Arches oil paper good for those traveling by air, also for workshops; multiple studies/experiments
  • painting panels 6 – 8 should be enough  any depth:  flat (1/8”) or ¾”, 1.5”, and 2”
    • 12”x12” a good size for the class –in this workshop you will work at your own pace – if you tend to work rapidly you may want to have a few extra, please nothing larger than 16×16. Remember you will need to transport these home and they will not be totally dry at the end of our class. 
    • Panel Suggestions: Gessobord by Ampersand, American Easel, or Blick’s  Boards,
      • PLEASE Do Not purchase or bring Canvas Paper Pads, stretched Canvas panels, or canvas covered board
  • Newsprint – pad form 18 x 24
  • 4” soft rubber brayer (speedball is best and most durable) (soft not hard rubber)
  • palette knives (1 or 2) trowel blade type
  • Squeegee or wide blade Color Shaper (pieces of cardboard or matboard also work)
  • Brushes – 2 or 3 small, medium, large – they are mainly for use with solvent
  • Heavy duty paper towels (Home Depot or other) or clean, cotton rags
  • Paper Palette – Roll of Freezer Paper (grocery store) – is a good inexpensive one
  • Roll of wax paper – for layering and transporting panels home, also for texturing
  • Oil paints – a basic set &/or some of your favorite colours
  • Oil paint sticks (2 or 3) not oil pastels ……… also called Oilbars, R&F pigment sticks, oil sticks, paintstik
  • Clean, empty tin can for solvent (tuna, or cat food tin is perfect size)
  • Protective hand cream or gloves
  • Painter’s tape ( removable blue wide enough to cover the edges of your panels), also use with paper

Optional Student Supplies:  

  • Dry pigments, Sand (clean), powdered marble (Blick)
  • Small whisk broom (straw type from hardware store), small pieces of matboard, sponges, dish scrubber, anything that you think might make interesting texture
  • Metallic paints : in any form – dry pigments &/or paint sticks, tube paintAn award winning artist hailing from Minnesota, Jim is best known for his use of color, line and texture in creating contemporary abstract oil & cold wax paintings.  His art is influenced by nature, his Celtic, Irish-German ancestry and an ever evolving spirituality.  Jim’s life perspective has been shaped by growing up in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit areas, a US Army tour of duty in Vietnam, being the eldest of seven and through continuous learning, traveling and sharing.  His creative process is an intuitive one of constructing & deconstructing, of collecting, blending, erasing, blurring, marking and clarifying mimicking the natural processes of the world: accumulation, erosion, growth & decay recording the evidentiary marks of life.  His workshop Process-Purpose-Passion takes you through the basic techniques of layering and mark making into the meaning and why of abstract painting helping you explore your creativity and identify your purpose and passion.  This event is best suited for those with some prior painting experience.  www.jamesedwardscherbarth.com




with Lauren Mantecon

An exploration of loosing the grip on expectations and letting the alchemy lead the way~

Painters and mixed media artists alike, and anybody else who just wants to explore mediums such as paint and dry pigments, collage, wax, color, forms and a new approach to your own personal vocabulary of images will thrive in this workshop. The three and a half days begin with gesture and mark making then we make our way into a variety of materials that suit individualized styles of making.

Hand made gesso is introduced for application on untreated birch panels. This is the making of rabbit skin glue in combination with whiting: A great material to conjoin the interplay with organic materials, from the ground up. Collage techniques in combination with mixed media approaches will be used on surfaces of your choice- wood, paper or canvas. Demonstrations and shared discussions on contemporary artists and more will be part of this in-depth release of play through your personal art  practice.

$35.00 material fee inclusive of-pencils, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, wax, glues, hand made gesso and  2 large sheets of quality paper.

Required student supplies:

  • single sheets watercolor paper, 120 pound or heavier 36×20
  • acrylic paints- of choice
  • pastels
  • charcoal
  • rags
  • untreated wood panels 12×12 and larger- ( best if cradled birch) can buy from dick blick
  • spray bottle for water
  • acrylic medium (gloss or mat)
  • scrapers ( old credit cards work well) 
  • razor blades
  • brushes of your choice 
  • collage materials
  • elmers glue



While the processes and media Lauren have used has been varied, the visual language and symbols have stayed consistent over time. Clouds, orbs, strings, pearl like forms, eggs and spheres set against deep layers have dominated the work. Lauren states “ I am looking to build and hide mark making by creating veils and a sense of history that is found in painting and by creating a visual dialogue between what can not be seen but can be felt. Her more recent practice dictates a slightly different variation- the grain of wood; ink, gesso and paint are kept in their initial gestural stages. A deliberate style of mark making relishing a complete dialogue within the unfinished and ambiguous. Structured intention balance with spontaneous composition. She is following what the French poet Francis Ponge called “The law of determining indeterminates.” Currently represented by Friesen Gallery in Kethum, ID, Muse Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and Hilton Head, South Carolina,  Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR and Imogen Gallery in Astoria, OR. Lauren has exhibited her work extensively across the Western United States, as well as in New York and Mexico.

She is a current recipient of The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant, 2015 and has been awarded numerous art residencies that include, Djerassi, Woodside CA, Santa Fe Art institute and The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM.

Lauren spent her childhood moving between the East and West Coasts, negotiating the terrain of identity and place in the middle. After settling in Southern California as a young adult, she earned her BA in conceptual photography from Cal State Fullerton, where she was deeply influenced by the work of Cindy Sherman and Lorna Simpson, who worked in self/cultural photo documentation. Lauren earned her MFA from Portland State University, in 1997 in which she began to deepen her focus on transcendence and beauty leading to a visual practice anchored in navigating the crossing points between the material world and the atmosphere of spirit. Lauren currently resides in New Mexico and teaches workshops on the creative process in art centers around the country and in her Santa Fe studio. www.laurenmantecon.com


November 1 @ 9:30 am
November 7 @ 4:00 pm
$725 - $1300
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Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch


290 E Loudon Ave
Lexington, KY 40505 United States
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