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EncaustiCastle: Drawing on Color-Expressive Painting Immersion with Lorraine Glessner and Heather Wilcoxon

September 5 @ 9:30 am - September 11 @ 4:00 pm

$400.00 - $600.00

Workshops at the EncaustiCastle are unique.

Workshops here are of the all-inclusive nature. This 138 year old three story Victorian ‘castle’ as its dubbed in the neighborhood is a wonderful retreat from the every day. For workshops the five rooms, 3 baths are shared among attendees who choose the onsite accommodations (10 total, 2/room) option. I encourage you mightily to be brave and jump in; whether you choose to share with a friend also attending, or let things fall into place and look forward to meeting a new roomie, you will be well cared for, indulged, and fully immersed in creative inspiration for the entirety of your stay; it is my goal and obligation to make it so.  Delicious locally-sourced and onsite-prepared by me breakfast and lunch are provided each day of your stay. My goal is for you to feel cared for, indulged, inspired and creatively energized like never before~

The guest instructor retreats are formatted as they are-back to back, 3.5 days each to total one full week-to give you the greatest advantage. Whether you can only manage one 3.5 day retreat, or are able to partake in the full 7 day indulgence, the back-to-back design is such so as to compel you to be able to get all you can from these like material-ed, moded, or methodology-ed artists. I hope it speaks to you, and you jump in whole-heartedly~


Expressive Mixed-Media: A workshop with Lorraine Glessner
Bold, fast and messy with lots of color and media experimentation using layers and transparency is what this workshop is all about.

Participants will manipulate everything on the paper-inks, acrylics, gouache, water based drawing media-in order to get a sense of what these things do and the happy accidents that can happen along the way when water and pigment come together in these varying consistencies. We will pour, splatter, spray, use brushes and tools to push the paint around and then erase certain areas using alcohol, only to then do it all again–working the surface in layers. The magic occurs in the play and the willingness to anticipate what can come only through this experimentation.

You will also be encouraged to develop a personal mark and language through quick, fun morning exercises. Working from these as a jumping-off point will send us to the play of color and paint on paper throughout the days. All of this aims to give you an understanding of who you are as a colorist and painter so that you can develop your own personal language.A slide talk with examples of contemporary paintings as well as a bonus individual mentoring session with Lorraine is offered to all participants as part of this workshop.

About Lorraine:

Lorraine Glessner’s love of surface, pattern, markmaking, image and landscape has led her to combine disparate materials and processes such as silk, wood, pyrography, rust, paper and more in her work. Lorraine is a former Assistant Professor at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, a workshop instructor and an award-winning artist. She holds an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, a BS from Philadelphia University, and an AAS in Computer Graphics from Moore College of Art & Design. She has a diverse art background with skills that include painting, sculpture, graphic design, interior design, textile design, photography, digital imaging and much more. Among her most recent professional achievements is a Third Place award in Sculpture from Art of the State at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA, a recently completed artist residency at Jentel Foundation and an acquisition by Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Lorraines’s work is included in the recently released Encaustic Art in the 21st Century by Ashley Rooney and Nuance, a curated book by artist, Michelle Stuart.

Lorraine frequently lectures and participates on academic panels at Conferences including The International Encaustic Conference, SECAC and The College Art Association Annual Conference. Her work is exhibited locally and nationally in galleries, craft centers, schools, libraries, universities, and more. Like her work, Lorraine brings to her teaching a strong interdisciplinary approach, mixed with a balance of concept, process, history, experimentation, problem solving and discovery.


Fearless Expression: A workshop with Heather Wilcoxon

Letting go; taking risks through mark making, collaboration, collage, printing and painting. This is a fully packed 3 1/2 days of art making that will inspire, provoke and expand your own practice!

Heather is well-versed at guiding you through mark-making with the focus on large scale floor and wall drawings with her students. We’ll employ 3 ft sticks, black inks, graphite, water  and cold wax throughout this workshop. Movement with these objects begets large, abstract shapes which set us up for using these action drawings to challenge and inspire.
Intertwined experimentation among the group is a large part of our experience together as well by way of building layered abstract forms on our Wailing Wall; a space where expression of feelings, emotions or reactions to each others marks and makings can occur collaboratively. 
We will finalize the workshop by sharing the creations produced so as to translate the information, inspiration and movement back to each individual studio practice.
You can expect to go home with a mental, emotional and physical bag of inspiration and motivation to carry your work further than ever before from this intensive week of abstract exploration!

About Heather:

Heather Wilcoxon lives and works in the Bay Area of San Francisco. She received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1988 and has gone on to exhibit both nationally and internationally. Her work is in several permanent collections including The American University Museum, Washington DC, The Fine Arts Museum, Auchenbach Foundation of Graphic Arts in San Francisco, the De Saisset Museum and Triton Museum in Santa Clara and the Di Rosa Preserve in Napa, California.

She has received several fellowship awards. Two from the Pollock/ Krasner Foundation,New York. Three painting grants from the Buck Foundation in Marin County and a residency fellowship from the Djerassi Artist Residency Program and The Stonehouse Artist Program in California. And just recently won the 2019 Distinguished Women in the Arts Award from the Fresno Art Museum. 


Supply list for both workshops here


September 5 @ 9:30 am
September 11 @ 4:00 pm
$400.00 - $600.00
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Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch


290 E Loudon Ave
Lexington, KY 40505 United States
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15 available
L.G and H.W both deposit$600.00Onsite accommodations all inclusive Lorraine Glessner and Heather Wilcoxon September 5-11, 2018 shared accommodations, breakfast, lunch and workshops. Total $1700 balance due upon invoice $1100

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15 available
Deposit L.G.$400.00Deposit onsite accommodations all-inclusive Lorraine Glessner September 5-8, 2018. Shared accommodations, breakfast, lunch, workshop. Total: $900 balance due upon invoice: $500

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15 available
H.W. deposit$400.00Deposit onsite accommodations all-inclusive Heather Wilcoxon September 8-11, 2018 shared accommodations, breakfast, lunch, workshop. Total: $900 balance due upon invoice $500

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5 available
Local commuter deposit both L.G. and H.W.$600.00Local commuter, off-site accommodations both Lorraine Glessner and Heather Wilcoxon September 5-11, 2018 Total: $1300 Balance due upon invoice: $700

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5 available
Local Commuter deposit H.W. only$400.00Local commuter, off-site accommodations Heather Wilcoxon September 8-11, 2018 inclusive of workshop and lunch. Total: $750 balance due upon invoicing: $350

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5 available
Local Commuter deposit L.G. only$400.00Local commuter, off-site accommodations Lorraine Glessner September 5-8, 2018 inclusive of workshop and lunch. Total: $750 balance due upon invoicing: $350

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