Seth Apter and Daniel Essig supply lists


Materials fee $30.00 inclusive of:

cradled panels, hinges, screws and clasps for container, brads, and a few surprises.

I will have the following for shared use but you are welcome to bring your own: drill, heat gun, awl, bone folder, tin snips, screwdriver, craft wire, needle and thread, embossing powder and embossing pad, book board, assorted ink pads, alphabet and background stamps, leafing pens, assorted mixed media materials, and all basic supplies on the list.  Philips Head

Student supply List:

Book covers for your handmade book – matching front and back covers from a hard cover book, separated from the book block and spine, sized no larger than 6.5 x 9 inches. Choose a cover that you like as much of it will show on your completed book.

Cardstock – at least 12 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock in your choice of color for both your binding and some book pages.

Acrylic paint – assorted colors.

Water container and paint palette.

Paint brushes – several detail brushes for painting and several large brushes (½ or 1 inch cheap bristle brushes are perfect) for painting and gluing

Adhesive: bring two types of your favorite – one for adhering paper (for example white glue, matte medium, PVA, glue sticks) and one for adhering metal and other heavier materials (my favorite non-toxic brand is Liquid Fusion and my favorite toxic brand is Loctite)

Scissors and/or craft knife and cutting mat



Flotsam & Jetsam – embellishing your container and book is where you can stretch your creative muscles and let your inner artist out. Anything goes. Bring in your choice of paper (ephemera, magazine and book pages, hand painted paper, scrapbook paper, etc), photographs, fabric scraps and/or trim, loose book covers, decorative and/or masking tape, your own small drawings, bling, die cut frames, alphabet and design stickers/rub ons, favorite pens and markers, lightweight metal pieces (hardware, watch parts, gears, pocket watch-cases, brass stencils, jewelry pieces, commercial embellishments, metal findings, brads, etc), found objects, etc. See images of workshop sample for examples.


Materials Fee $50 inclusive of:

Mica, Text block, Handmade papers, Waxed linen thread, Wood pages, Needles, Sandpaper, PVA bookbinding glue, foam brush. Other tools and materials needed to complete projects

Student Supply list:

Thin or light weight collage materials: decorative papers, antique photos-paper, tintypes(steel) or ambrotypes (glass), old letters, sheet music, old books, insect wings, leafs, feathers, photo copies, etc.

Small found Objects (up to 1/8 inch thick and 1 inch in diameter-coins, shells, buttons, etc.)


Black sharpie fine line

Glue stick

Few colors of acrylics (earthtones)

6-12” metal ruler

Exacto knife and extra blades, utility knife and blades

Self-healing cutting mat

Assorted binder clips

small sharp sewing scissors

Utility/Kitchen scissors

2-4 inch rubber brayer

awls-including a slender one for piercing sections. 

Dust mask

3/8 inch Flexcut palm chisel-available at fine woodworking stores or mail order from

item #twP316

(I will also bring a few chisels that can be purchased at the workshop)