Rebecca Hutchinson and Graham Hay workshop supply lists

Hutchinson supply list:

1 roll toilet paper

Hand tools/Paint brushes/scissors

Plastic to cover work

Absorbent materials to dip: cotton, burlap, stuffed animals, old clothes, cotton sheeting

Hair dryer (two on hand)

3-5 quart plastic containers: ie Yogurt containers

Canvas covered board: approx 18×18 inches

Newsprint/newspaper (as much as you can manage!)

plastic squirt bottle

Clay- Cone 6 porcelain preferred but any clay is feasible. Approximately 50 lbs. (can be ordered to deliver on site if desired)

Hay supply list:
       ice cream (or similar 5.5 pints/2 litre) plastic container and lid
        2 x large rubbish bin plastic bags
        1 x old newspapers
        Sharp knife
        Large art or small house painting brush
        Clay tools or kitchen utilities (with sharp and round edges, garlic crusher, apple-corer, different shape/size bowls etc)
        3 x wooden potter batts or plywood boards (approx 30 cm x 30 cm) to carry work home
        Small bottle of PVA/Elmers/index.asp/white wood glue
        Ball of wool yarn, Wadding (cotton or synthetic)

11lb earthenware paperclay (can be shipped to deliver onsite if desired)

**Many materials overlap between these two workshops and can be used for both.

For clay and clay related materials see list at