Lorraine Glessner and Heather Wilcoxon supply lists

Lorraine Glessner


  • 9×12 pad Duralar double sided film
  • 11×14 pad Yupo translucent paper
  • package of rice paper or other translucent, strong films or papers (optional)
  • 2-4 actual pieces OR images of your work
  • 3-5 brushes for water media in various shapes and sizes
  • Found objects that push the paint around (examples: small squeegees, brayers, old credit cards, Catalyst painting tools, silicone baking tools, rubber tipped clay tools, palette knives, etc.)
  • Sketchbook for notes
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • decorative stencils, mesh, doilies, etc-anything flat with open areas that can be used as a stencil.
  • HB pencil
  • smock (optional)
  • Closed toe shoes for safety in the studio
  • Acrylic medium gloss OR matte
  • sharp scissors
  • Small tube of any brand Titanium white gouache
  • Various materials for collage (papers, magazine images, photos, etc.)
  • Create a core palette of 5-7 colors and choose two items from each of the 3 lists below that work within your palette. (example: my palette is made up of 3 different reds and 2 different greens, so I choose 3 different red watercolors and 2 green alcohol inks from the Paint List and water color pencils, water soluble pastels from the Drawing Media List and charcoal and oil pastels from the Other list. NOTE: You do not have to choose the same colors from each list, choose colors that compliment or enhance your core palette.
    • Paint: any brand acrylic ink, alcohol ink, silk paints, golden hi-flow acrylic, golden fluid acrylic, gouache, tube or pan watercolors.
    • Drawing Media: any brand water color pencils, watercolor crayons, water soluble pastels, water soluble graphite, water soluble drawing pencils, water soluble charcoal, India ink, etc.
    • Other Drawing Media: colored pencils, charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, markers, ink pens, micro-pens, chalk pastels, etc.

MATERIALS INSTRUCTOR WILL PROVIDE ($15 supply fee to Lorraine upon arrival)

  • Disposable gloves 
  • Extra translucent papers
  • Extra collage materials
  • Extra drawing paper
  • Extra drawing media
  • Extra watercolor paints
  • Extra brushes and tools
  • Tracing paper
  • Graphite transfer paper
  • Pans and cups for paint 
  • Eye droppers 
  • Palette paper
  • Needle and thread

Heather Wilcoxon 

Student Supply List:

  • Black Ink (india or sumi)
  • Graphite powder
  • pencils, charcoal, mark making tools of choice
  • cold wax such as Dorlane’s or homemade (approx one pint)
  • spray bottles (some onhand in studio)
  • acrylic paints: black, white, red, yellow, blue of personal desired hue or tone
  • cheap painting brushes, large to small
  • white glue
  • 3ft sticks
  • tape (masking or painters)
  • 12×12″ plywood panels (for sale in shop here or ship here or carry in)
  • plastic scrapers or palette knife or credit card for pushing paint and glue 

Instructor will provide: ($15 material fee to Heather directly, upon arrival)

  • graphite sticks
  • assorted tools and materials
  • cold wax