The opportunity to explore new places and bring it back to the practice of encaustic in all new ways~

  • What we bring is material.
  • What we offer is experience.
  • What we instruct is how to see:
    • from the heart of a place~

Where we are going!

      Italy again 2018; Florence region, in the works! Once was NOT enough~

Come with us for an adventure of inspiration, exploration and connection. Like nothing else, these EncaustiCampInt’l. trips reach more, teach more, inspire more in all new ways~


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  • they say

    May 18, 2017

    there are stories in each of us multitudes living breathing from the mulch of days weeks lessons inches ticked on the pantry wall rising heights not met always by rising Keep reading…

  • intoxicating~

    December 29, 2016

    The whoosh and swirl of the wind was intoxicating. I felt I was in it it here atop this turret this witches hat this haven from so much below. Just Keep reading…

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