The opportunity to explore new places and bring it back to the practice of encaustic in all new ways~

  • What we bring is material.
  • What we offer is experience.
  • What we instruct is how to see:
    • from the heart of a place~

Where we are going!

      Italy again 2018; Florence region, in the works! Once was NOT enough~

Come with us for an adventure of inspiration, exploration and connection. Like nothing else, these EncaustiCampInt’l. trips reach more, teach more, inspire more in all new ways~


OpenStudio news & updates...

  • intoxicating~

    December 29, 2016

    The whoosh and swirl of the wind was intoxicating. I felt I was in it it here atop this turret this witches hat this haven from so much below. Just Keep reading…

  • CrossTown Colors~

    March 14, 2016

    There’s this painting…. If you want to catch a glimpse, slow down as you drive Main Street in Lexington. Look through the two story glass windows of the Downtown Art Keep reading…

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