get-attachment.aspxOnly you know what tools you like to have on hand at all times. Not all of us want to wear an apron, tape off our edges or use baby wipes. This is a list of basic suggestions; you carry along your core tools and be ready to join the greater throng of waxy wonderfulness fully equipped~

Mini workshop supply lists will be available from instructors in June once registration for these opens and workshops are selected!


Xacto knife
masking tape
baby wipes
old nylons/panty hose
disposable gloves
waxed paper
paper towel
incising tools
oil paints or bars
collage papers and ephemera
image transfers
water bottle
notebook/journal, pen

*boards, paper or foundations you intend to paint on (NO LARGER THAN 11″x14″)

*Note: Because encaustic is a hot medium, the studios are unique. Materials are set up in stations with preset color selection and communally used. Therefore size and quantity of work are controlled due to these constraints of material and electricity. The retreat is created to spur on exploration, experimentation and inspiration. Please do not come intent on finishing an exhibit or working large. The facilities and community studios simply can not support such things~


Total price: includes room, meals and basic supplies. Personal supplies, foundations to paint on and additional materials (for mini workshops and beyond the supplied wax) will be outlines closer to start time.
Do you teach(Patricia): Each year I have taught one of six workshop sessions offered. Since 2016 things have been a bit different; teaching is different. There are optional mini workshops offered (see below-Additions). I will teach several of these, as will other instructors, and you can choose to register as desired~
Starting: We begin with casual check-in on Monday afternoon. Dinner is the first formal event after check-in and settle into rooms.
Additions: Mini workshops will be out in May. At that time they will be listed online for registration. Costs will be ranging from $10-$50 for roughly a 3 hour session. Not mandatory; optional indulgence and inspiration in addition to the open studio times and evening presentations. There will be heaps of alternative learning; I’ve encouraged ‘out of the box’ ideas and am seeking more so look forward to that. 
Ending: We end after breakfast and final meeting on Sunday; 10am checkout.
Travel: Car pools form (in our private FB group) closer to run time. There is a shuttle and Uber runs well, as well.
Accommodations: begin Monday evening and end Sunday morning.


  • Daniel Smith Art Supply is on 1st Street in Seattle and serves as a fantastic place to stop and collect materials on your way to ECamp on Monday!
  • Thursday, our mid-week day, will offer an optional yet encouraged group fieldtrip. This event, original to the ECamp design, is being added back in for 2018 after two years absence due to high demand! I look forward to it coming together and sharing more information as things develop.
  • Guest instructors from throughout the world will come to teach and demostrate for 2018. Keep an ear to the ground in anticipation of some amazing techniques to witness and procure!
  • Masseur. Enough said đŸ™‚ 
Generous donations from Enkaustikos help make all the amazing waxiness possible! Thank you Mike Lesczinski and your entire team of encaustic geniuses!
Thanks also goes to R&F paints, Ampersand Art, PanPastel, Golden Paints, Daniel Smith Art, Jacquard Products and C&T Publishing for their continued support through donations, encouragement and materials.