*We begin Monday 23 July with check-in beginning at 3pm followed by dinner at 5:30 and ‘meeting’ thereafter. We finish up Sunday 29 July after breakfast and closing; 10am check-out!


Extended version-

Monday begins with check-in, getting settled into rooms, dinner and welcome presentations. This is the time for making initial connections, checking that you have all you need and coming to understand the experience that will be your week at EncaustiCamp.

Beginning Tuesday and running through Saturday are studio days. These run from 9:30-12:30, 1:15-4:30 then again 6:15-8:30. Because encaustic studios are unique in that they are ‘hot’, these times are religiously monitored for the sake of safety and equitable use. There will be opportunity before or after these hours for work in materials other than wax if desired.

Sunday morning will wrap with breakfast and closing presentations. In and around this schedule a few extras will be taking place.


We begin Monday with my welcome and general outline of the week and workshops as well as Brenda Tassava’s formal presentation of Ignite Your Vision. This presentation will be key to anyone interested in group session with her; an amazing investment I can attest to firsthand. 

Mini workshops:

Morning, afternoon and evening small group workshops taught by skilled and newly-skilled instructors. Innovative techniques and materials for use in and with encaustic are the focus. For 2018 you can anticipate some of these workshops being run by instructors from throughout the world including: Susan Stover, Lora Murphy, Larry Calkins, Kathryn Bevier, Michelle Belto, Willow Bader and more!


Each evening after dinner we will be offering an assortment of ‘under the tree’ presentation, in depth conversations and Ignite Your Vision group meetings as well as invited encaustic artists to share their unique use of the material. 

Midweek fieldtrip:

Thursday will find us, sack lunches in hand, traveling to Tacoma to explore a view opportunities to find new materials, source new inspirations and spend the day together in a new place that will foster growth and connection as wel return to the studios in the evening. This day of getting away will add a great deal of depth in 2018 and we look forward to its evolution.

Private feedback and continuous expert presence:

Previous years instructors will be present and painting alongside everyone.  They, along with other lifers/colonists, can lean an ear in, offering answers to conundrums or add in the inspiration or feedback that may be the ‘just right’ thing to spur you along and will be a vital and viable part of ECamp~

Wrap up exhibit:

Show off your work! This is where we share with each other all that’s been created during our busy week. Saturday night after breakdown and clean up will be the time for this. This will be another opportunity to listen to each other share about ourselves as each person will speak for a brief moment on one piece produced at ECamp and the results they feel they’ve achieved in the weeks’ time.