July 24-30, 2017 Dumas Bay Centre, Federal Way (Seattle area), Washington


Since 2010 EncaustiCamp has been the place to find rich immersion in all things encaustic. Multiple instructors teaching their unique techniques across the breath-taking water-front campus; meals, lodging and all your needs taken care of; the inspiration leaves no one wanting!

EncaustiCamp has evolved into a place where like-minded creatives gather to inspire, inform, educate and enliven each others work, practice and spirit.  This workspace-shared, weeklong indulgence in wax and artistic development through community and collaboration is an immersive way to move your work forward.

As always, we strive to reach more, teach more, inspire more through joint participation. See the schedule link for a run down of what the retreat will offer and contact Trish with any questions or clarifications; it is always wonderfully, creatively, rich.

Note: Because encaustic is a hot medium, the studios are unique. Materials are set up in stations with preset color selections and communally used. Therefore size and quantity of work are controlled due to these constraints of material and electricity. The retreat is created to spur on exploration, experimentation and inspiration. Please do not come intent on finishing an exhibit or working large. The facilities and community studios simply can not support such things~
          Think of it as cross-pollinating đŸ™‚  Register here! 
*Experience in encaustic prior to attendance is necessary, as no introductory course is available, but all advances and experimentation.


Generous donations from Enkaustikos helps make all the amazing waxiness possible! Thank you Mike Lesczinski and your entire team of encaustic geniuses!
Thanks also goes to R&F paints, Ampersand Art, PanPastel, Golden Paints, Daniel Smith Art, Jacquard Products and C&T Publishing for their continued support through donations, encouragement and materials.
And once again, EncaustiCamp 2017 EncausticShop will be stocked, managed and running onsite thanks to the generous and inspirational presence of ArtSpotEdmonds!


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