You may be inclined to think I couldn’t possibly be one of them;

someone who can {still <starry eyed>} believe in their dreams.

Not after failing.


Flat. on. my. dreamin’ face.


I am-

That kind of dreamer.




Even moreso.

My eyes certainly have more wrinkles crinkling their starry gazing,

and on occasion a deeper blood shot red filters my sight~

but starry eyed I am still.

I just am.

I discovered the real dream behind my furious efforts to make my way.

In my efforts to create OPENstudio and call up a community to surround and gather~

I had things turned wrong way round-

I was doing so of my own energies, volitions.

Crowd funding was a contrivance meant to bring about a certain purpose and plan in a given place.

But at the wrong pace.

My starry eyes still exist because as the campaign watching was a 43 day downfall

I was watching my own uprising.


I have nothing.

If you look at me or ask what I have

I can show you nothing.

But I can tell you I have everything.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I realize it’s cliche to say so, but alas, I’m discovering the truth of all those cliches~

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I now wait on the pace of OPENstudio coming to be

that is it’s natural gestation.

I build a proverbial cairn in this moment, a Jacob-memorial to the enlightened sight,

and wait for the place and pace that OPENstudio

comes to be

its own purpose and plan.

Like a baby in womb

a seed planted, fertilized and watered,

it’s growth is inevitable.


I’m taking time to gestate:

Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy New Year.

I will see you again in February 2015 after I’ve let the fertilizer settle in

and the water do it’s job~

in love.