10419497_10202421219714907_4227885753153774566_nThere are a few people that come  into your life at various times that change your course, give you a push or maybe just a nudge in the direction you were meaning to go all along. Trish is one of these people for me. I first met Trish at a trade show. It must have been CHA (Craft and Hobby Association). I was there with Jacquard, which was my day job at the time, and she was there introducing her Encaustikits. The next time I met Trish was at another trade show a few months later. Her first book was out and I was demoing my batik papers in the Jacquard booth. After that, Trish wrote me an email and invited me to the first Encausticamp as a guest in part as an artist and in part as my connection with Jacquard. I didn’t know if I could really do it, my daughter would be out of school for the summer and my husband doesn’t work in the town where we live. But amazing as he is, said, “You have to go!” Up until that point, I didn’t really have any close artist friends, let alone personally know anyone else working in encaustic. I came home with friends, a community and a wealth of inspiration on many levels. At the end of the week, Trish asked me to come back the next year as an instructor. I’ve been teaching every year since.

10351304_10202825286336320_527489292316415001_nEvery year, I get so inspired and empowered by the students, by Trish and other instructors and by the tribe that we all have become. It is this camaraderie that keeps us coming back, keeps us connected. It has made me make changes and see possibilities in my own life for the better. Trish has given me countless opportunities for which I will be ever grateful. I’ve seen how the Encausticamp experience has been so positive for many, not just in the art making but in the pursuing of dreams. It challenges me to think bigger, dream bigger. I’m excited to be part of it again this year, to see what the future will bring, to reunite with so many and to meet the newbies! Once a lifer always a lifer!