I love what she does with experimentation.


There; that’s it~

From whence my adoration erupts 🙂

If a person steps outside of the box that is ‘normal’ and gives something different,



A first try

I tend to gravitate to their work like iron filings to a magnet.

Shary Bartlett is just such a person.


When I first met her at the IEA EncaustiCon in 2012 I was drawn to her work with encaustic and spunbound fibers.

Once chatting I knew she would be a great addition to EncaustiCamp.

Not only because of her wonderful work with these unique marriages but because of her personality and passion.

Shary is passionate about her art and sharing it with others.

Being a Canuck makes Shary unique to the group; the rest of us are ‘southerners’ by the Canadian standard, and have been from the get-go.

I will let her tell her own story over the next few days so you can get to know her better. Here I just introduce you to my team and look forward to sharing them all the moreso in July at the retreat!

(This next is said somewhat tongue in cheek…. !)


I took a risk trusting a track to someone so foreign, but alas, Shary’s put in irreplaceable value to the week and comes back in this third year with us full of ideas and inspirations that keep the lot of us on our toes!

We become more because we get to include this northern to our tribe.

Thank you Shary for keeping on doing what you do with those fabulous fibers and photos.

Here’s to another great year down south 🙂

Trish and Shary with book launch - Daniel SMith - July 2014

in love.